On the lookout for some amazing and fashionable sexy nail designs? You’re in a growing crowd as it is one of the much-loved nail art for many girls considering that it’s a something that you could wear to make you look more sexy and romantic. To help you create your own nail art masterpiece, here are 30 lovable sexy nail designs we’ve compiled which you could easily pull off at home.

Whether you’re nail fashionista or just someone looking for a design that’s simple yet appealing, you will adore one of the ideas below! Browse through these images and give your favorite one a try. Enjoy and get inspired!

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Posted @withrepost • @manipaws 💜 @parrot_polish "Frumos", Romanian for beautiful, from the 'International Love' collection, x 2 coats. Frumos has a gorgeous green base that effortlessly shifts into blue, pink and purple, with shades of aqua along the curves. SWIPE ↩ to see multiple angles, and different lighting scenarios. 💙 She is even more stunning in person! 😍 This one, like all the others, has a smooth buttery formula, and does NOT need black undies (though I did a swatch test on my ring finger… can you tell the difference?) 😃 Oh and yes, they do watermarble! I have the proof! 😁 . If you join the fan group, "Parrot Polish Party People" (on Facebook) and sign up for the newsletter, you will receive a discount code in your email at the first of the month! 😀💰 There's desk sales, exclusives, mystery bags, and lotsa 🐦 vids to laugh at in the group! 🤣 So come join! . Parrot Polish also donates a portion of every bottle sold (*of every polish they make!*) to a charitable organization! Win-Win!! 🙌 And in case you didn't catch this on my other posts, there is a little back story on this set, worth every mention. Dave and Sonja, the husband & wife duo behind #parrotpolish, first created these polishes back in 2015. One of their main swatchers at that time was Monica Moran, aka @monismanis. Sadly, Monica passed away last year, from heart complications at a very young age. As a tribute to Monica, who first swatched this collection, Parrot Polish has dedicated these first four polishes to her. ❤ Each polish of this collection is named Beautiful, in a different language. . 📰👉 TL;DR: @parrot_polish recently released four jaw-dropping multichromes. You needs 'em! 😁 Here's my swatch pics, for some gentle arm twisting. 😉 Ready to buy? Shop the web link in their bio. . #crueltyfreebeauty #multichromenails #chromenails #indienails #indiepolishlove #indiesdoitbetter #lacquerlovers #nails2inspire #nails4yummies #nails4you #nailsaddict #nailslove #nailsdaily #nailsofinstagram #nailsofig #nailsofinsta #nailstagram #longnaturalnails #prettynails #beautifulnails #sexynails #instanail #ignails #instagramnails #nailstyle #simplenails #easynails

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